ISS SSTV Event for Feb. 8-10

ARISS has announced on their website that another SSTV experiment is scheduled to start today and run through Sunday. As of writing this, the event is already under way. Below are the details from

Transmissions are scheduled to begin Friday, Feb. 8 at 18:25 UTC and run through Sunday, Feb. 10 at 18:30 UTC.

Transmissions are scheduled to be on 145.800Mhz with the SSTV mode PD120. I (and many others so far) have confirmed the ISS radio is transmitting as intended. So far it seems the issue with the previous event was solved. Below is my preliminary test reception of the ISS a few minutes ago at approx. 10 degrees. SSTV can be heard through the noise floor.

ISS @ 10 Deg. with severe obstruction.

If any new info arises, I will post it here as well. Any and all received images I get will also be posted here in a separate post. Good luck to all who are attempting a decoding!