Falcon Heavy Launch Rescheduled for Today After Delays Due to Upper-Level Winds

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy is back on track for a launch at 22:35 UTC after being scrubbed yesterday due to unacceptable levels of wind shear in the upper atmosphere. This Falcon Heavy launch will be the first commercial flight for the company with its payload being Arabsat-6A, a communications satellite designed and made by Lockheed Martin for the Arabsat space agency in Saudi Arabia. The satellite will be deployed into Geostationary Transfer Orbit approximately 34 minutes after liftoff, according to SpaceX. This launch will also be the second ever launch of a Falcon Heavy rocket with an attempt to recover all three boosters. The first flight for the spacecraft was on February 6th, 2018 with the payload being Musks’ own Tesla roadster being put into trans-Mars injection orbit. Hopefully all goes well and they can successfully land all three boosters for the first time.

The SpaceX webcast is set to go live in approximately 85 minutes as of posting this. You can watch live on YouTube or on SpaceX’s own website (spacex.com/webcast)