My Ongoing Decatur and State Line Railway Research Project

A while ago I discovered a small section of abandoned railroad right near my home in Frankfort, IL which was going to be called the Decatur and State Line Railway. As its name implies, the railroad was to originate somewhere within Decaur, Illinois and travel northeast to meet up with one of the main Chicago lines. After discovering its location and extremely close proximity to me, I cross referenced the visible satellite imagery from Google Maps to and found visible evidence left behind of the right of way cleared around and through Steger Rd. I have been fascinated with its little known history and I want to try to piece together as much information as possible to attempt to preserve its history as much as I can. I will be writing some form of informative piece on this website when I have gathered enough information to present a well rounded and as accurate as possible collection of information on this little known section of railway history. If you by slim chance know anything at all about the Decatur and State Line railway, please get in contact with me via gmail (wifiguy3500)