Remembering Owen Garriott (W5LFL) Via ISS SSTV

ARISS has planned a special commemorative Slow-scan television event to honor Owen Garriott, W5LFL this week from August 1st to the 4th. During this time we will be able to receive a set of twelve images dedicated to the memory of Mr. Garriott and his accomplishments regarding amateur radio in space.

At 10:00PM CDT August 1st at my QTH, I received two perfect images and most of a third on the downlink of 145.800 which are pictured below. Best of luck to all those decoding this weekend and rest in piece Mr. Garriott. Let us remember your accomplishments and ensure your sacrifices and contributions are not forgotten. Below is a gallery of today’s images.

Here’s a clip of what happened during the third image. very odd glitch in my opinion.