Hi! My name is Trevor. I am a 17 year old amateur radio operator. I was licensed as a Technician on August 12, 2017 thanks to me asking my Dad to drive up to the 200 Mhz Good Guys V.E. testing session about a week before. I am also a trained Skywarn weather spotter and I hop on the Waldofar repeater system during severe weather. For the rest of my ham radio ops, I am on the U/V FM birds! I use an Arrow II Split-Boom Satellite Antenna with a Baofeng BF-F9V2+ on a waist pack. More info on my satellite ops is on my QRZ page.

When I’m not doing ham radio things, my main passion is information technology. I absolutely love technology, anything from the vintage to Pentium 4 boxes to high end Dell servers, enterprise grade networking, and mass storage! I spend a majority of my free time tinkering with my hardware in my small homelab. This website is also hosted by my own server in said homelab behind Cloudflare for IP protection and DDoS mitigation. I also dabble in a bit of electronics engineering and circuit building because I love to build electronic things and DIY anything I can, (A good bit of why is because of lack of funds) though I don’t do this nearly as much as homelabbing. More homelab info can be found on the homelab page on this site.

If needed, contact me at kd9ixx at AMSAT.org