Most of my free time is spent doing IT based things with my own homelab. IT is my main passion and I love doing technical things with enterprise grade hardware and software to explore and learn what it is like in an actual production environment. I run my own server (which actually hosts this very site) and various other networking gear to make up a learning and experimentation platform for doing the various things I previously mentioned.

This is the equipment I am currently using



<— Switched PDU for the Cisco “lab” (Cisco switches)

<— Dell R610 Server (2x L5460s, 28GB RAM, 6x 146GB 15K SAS Disks, Perc 6/i)

<— Fiberstore feed thru patch panel (RJ-45 ports on both sides)

<— Cisco SG200-50 48+2 port managed gigabit switch.

<— (Unused currently) Supermicro 510-2 chassis as a pfSense machine (X3440 CPU, 4GB RAM)

<— Cisco Catalyst 3570-XL Fast Ethernet managed switch (To be used to learn iOS and such)

<— Cisco Catalyst 3560G Fast Ethernet managed switch (To be used to learn iOS and such)


The Dell R610 currently runs Proxmox on it and has a few virtual machines running. The main two that always run are the Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS VM that hosts this very site and a 3CX IP PBX installation for the Cisco 7960 IP phones I have around the house.


<— Dell Optiplex 7010 NAS (2x 4TB WD Red disks in a soft RAID 1, Intel i5 3570 CPU, 10GB RAM). Hosts backups and media.

The optiplex runs Ubuntu server 18.04 LTS and basically just has mdadm, a few web scraping scripts, an NFS server and Plex running on it.

<— Big and heavy APC Smart UPS 2200VA (DL2000RM) with an AP9631 NMC installed. Will run the essentials/always on’s for a little over an hour straight.